This page presents a summary description of books written or edited by János D. Pintér, with co-authors as shown and indicated by the text.

Materials from these works are part of my tutorial and workshop presentations on computational nonlinear optimization with a significant emphasis on algorithms, software, and real-world applications.

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Global Optimization in Action
Continuous and Lipschitz Optimization: Algorithms, Implementations and Applications

János D. Pintér

Series: Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications, Vol. 6
Originally published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht / Boston / London, 1996.
Now distributed by Springer Science + Business Media, New York.

In science, engineering and economics, decision problems are frequently modeled by optimizing the value of a given objective (primary criterion) function subject to feasibility constraints. In many cases of practical relevance - specifically, in continuous nonlinear optimization - the decision model could have multiple (local and global) optima. In such cases, it is natural to search for the globally best solution: this most typicaly requires the application of proper global scope search strategies.

This monograph provides a comprehensive discussion of adaptive space partition (branch-and-bound type) strategies and adaptive stochastic search methods to solve global optimization problems under very general structural requirements. The book also discusses computer-based software implementations of these theoretically exact (globally convergent) optimization strategies.

A considerable part of the book is devoted to scientific and engineering applications, including e.g. the solution of systems of nonlinear equations and inequalities, data classification (clustering), aggregation of (estimated) information received from a group of experts, product mixture design, model fitting to data (model calibration, inverse modeling), as well as a collection of real-world case studies arising in environmental systems analysis and management projects.

The book is essentially self-contained and it is based on the author's research, in cooperation on optimization applications with a number of colleagues.

Written for: Professors, students, researchers and practicioners in the fields of operations research, management science, industrial and applied mathematics, computer science, engineering, economics and the environmental sciences.

This research monograph was awarded the 2000 INFORMS Computing Society Prize, and it is available to INFORMS members with a special discount.

The book is also available for course adoption at a special price: please contact us for details.

Computational Global Optimization in Nonlinear Systems
An Interactive Tutorial

János D. Pintér

Lionheart Publishing, Atlanta, GA, 2001.

This tutorial e-book is a concise, "easy-going" and practical introduction to the subject of global optimization. A special emphasis is placed upon computational aspects. First, a brief review of some of the most frequently used global optimization models and (both theoretically exact and heuristic) solution methods is provided; then software development and performance analysis issues are discussed. The tutorial also presents several illustrative examples which are motivated by real-world applications. The LGO global-local optimization solver system is used to solve these examples. The corresponding demonstration program files are also made available with the e-book.

Written primarily for: Researchers, students and practitioners (possibly without an in-depth mathematical background) who wish to learn about the key global optimization concepts and practical issues.

Let us mention here that LGO has been significantly developed further since the 2001 publication of this tutorial: see e.g. the summary discussion of the related software implementations, and the more recent publications related to software performance analysis and benchmarking in our list of publications. Current LGO demo and trial software versions are available from us and from our developer and business partners .

Global Optimization
Scientific and Engineering Case Studies

János D. Pintér (Editor)

Series: Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications, Vol. 85
Springer Science + Business Media, New York, 2006.

Optimization models based on a nonlinear systems description often possess multiple local optima. The objective of global optimization (GO) is to find the best possible solution of multiextremal problems. This volume illustrates the applicability of GO modeling techniques and solution strategies to a broad range of real-world decision issues.

The contributed chapters written by domain experts cover applications from agroecosystem management, assembly line design, bioinformatics, biophysics, black box systems optimization, cellular mobile network design, chemical process optimization, chemical product design, composite structure design, computational modeling of atomic and molecular structures, controller design for induction motors, electrical engineering design, feeding strategies in animal husbandry, an inverse position problem in kinematics, laser design, learning in neural nets, mechanical engineering design, the numerical solution of nonlinear equations, radiotherapy planning, robot design, and satellite data analysis. The solution strategies discussed encompass a range of theoretically exact and heuristic approaches.

Written for: Researchers and practitioners in academia, industry, research and consulting organizations.

Global Optimization with Maple
An Introduction with Illustrative Examples

János D. Pintér

Published and distributed by Pintér Consulting Services Inc., Halifax, NS, Canada, 2006; and Maplesoft, Waterloo, ON, Canada.

This interactive electronic book presents Maple as an advanced model development and optimization environment. The primary emphasis is placed on solving multiextremal optimization models, using the Global Optimization Toolbox for Maple. Following a brief introduction to the essential (Maple and optimization related) concepts and tools, an extensive collection of numerical examples and illustrative case studies is presented.

The book is available in the form of a fully functional, interactive Maple worksheet. To solve the models presented, the Global Optimization Toolbox is recommended, and it is used throughout the book.

Written for: Practitioners, researchers, academics and students with an interest in developing and solving optimization models in an advanced interactive computing environment.

Modeling and Optimization in Space Engineering

Giorgio Fasano and János D. Pintér (Editors)

Series: Springer Optimization and Its Applications, Vol. 73
Springer Science + Business Media, New York, 2013.

This volume presents a selection of advanced case studies that address a range of issues and challenges arising in space engineering. The contributing authors are well-recognized researchers and practitioners in space engineering and in applied optimization.

The key mathematical modeling and numerical solution aspects of each application case study are presented in detail. Classic and more recent space engineering problems - including cargo accommodation and object placement, flight control of satellites, integrated design and trajectory optimization, interplanetary transfers with deep space maneuvers, low energy transfers, magnetic cleanliness modeling, propulsion system design, sensor system placement, systems engineering, space traffic logistics, and trajectory optimization - are discussed. Novel points of view related to computational global optimization and optimal control, and to multidisciplinary design optimization are also given proper emphasis. A particular attention is paid also to scenarios expected in the context of future interplanetary explorations.

Written for: Researchers and practitioners in space engineering. Academics, graduate and post-graduate students in the fields of aerospace and other engineering, applied mathematics, operations research and optimal control will also find the book useful, since it discusses a range of advanced model development and solution techniques and tools in the context of real-world applications and new challenges.

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